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Bleach: Nel / My Little Pony Queen Chrysalis peruukki

Bleach: Nel / My Little Pony Queen Chrysalis peruukki
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Bleach: Nel / My Little Pony Queen Chrysalis peruukki
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Hyvälaatuinen peruukki Nel  -cossaajalle, tai mille muulle tahansa hahmolle, jolla samantyyliset hiukset.

Some slight styling and adjustments may be required.

pituus 65cm

Valmistettu synteettisestä kuidusta.

Varoitus: pidettävä kaukanan tulesta.

Our wigs are made from High-Temperature Synthetic Fiber that is used is most of the Cosplay Wigs today.

The wigs can be straightened, curled & blow dried. You can also style them using gel & hairspray.

Wig Care:

  • We recommend using a Wig cap or nylon stockings under the wig. This will prevent too much skin oils contacting the wig.
  • For short term storage it is recommended to place wig on a wire wig stand or a styrofoam head. If using a styrofoam head, do not blow on styrofoam.
  • For long term storage it is recommend to carefully place the wig back in its original packaging.
  • The wig should be washed after it's worn 8 to 10 times.

Washing wig:

Gently brush out all tangles with a wig comb.

  • It is recommended to use shampoo designed for synthetic wigs, but normal shampoo can be used. Add a small amount of shampoo in cool or lukewarm water and place wig in the water. Gently swirl the wig in the water and leave to soak for around 8 minutes.
  • Remove wig from basin and fill with fresh cold water. Rinse the wig in the water and gently swirl wig around in the water. Discard the soapy water and refill with cold fresh water. Rinse the wig again until all shampoo residues are rinsed away.
  • Shake out the water from the wig and gently pat the wig dry with a clean towel. DO NOT squeeze or wring the wig.
  • Place the wig on a wig stand to air dry. Once dried brush or comb the wig.

Restoring wig and wig pig tails.

  • Long wigs are just like hair. They will become tangled, messy and static. The wig must be cared for just like real hair. If the wig becomes tangled and very messy you can restore it.
  • First use small amounts of hair detangler spray in the knotted area. Grab a small amount of the wig with one hand and comb it with a steel comb or an anti-static comb from the bottom of the wig to the top.
  • If you come across a large knot, try to first drag it with your hand, pull it and comb it with a steel comb to become smooth.
  • If you see that the knot does not smooth out, grab the wig where the small knot forms and cut vertically at the middle of the knot. Use a steel comb again to brush out the hair. Do not pull the hair out. Allow the cut away fibers to comb out. Repeat this with other knots you may find.
  • Once the wig is smoothed out, shower the wig with cool water and comb the hair. Leave the wig to dry. If you want your wig to be very smooth, use an electric hair straightener.

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